Who Makes Red Bottom Shoes?

Red bottom shoes mostly refer to unique shoes with red soles.  They are very common and a walk down the street will prove this because they are worn by all generations from the young to old.  These rare soles have been named the sole of sexiness by a famous newspaper article.  The shoe line got this name because of its popularity among the Hollywood A-list stars who can be seen wearing them almost everywhere.

The origin of the shoe is somewhat interesting. So who makes red bottom shoes? These shoes are made by a famous footwear designer named Christian Louboutin. He is a French designer who was the first to have signature red soles at the bottom of all his footwear. Christian looked at the shoes in his time and decided that they were boring and lacked finesse.

who makes red bottomsAlmost every lady wants to be associated with these beautiful shoes, because they are exquisite and add a high fashion sense to their wardrobes. It has won the award for most prestigious ladies shoe for three years in a row. This depicts its importance among the womenfolk who have fallen in love with it.

Origins Of Red Bottoms

These shoes are ideal for any occasion because of the diversity of the collection. The designer started making footwear in the 1970s and concentrated on making party shoes. They set a fashion trend due to their high quality and distinctive design. Christian then proceeded to work with two of the most common names in fashion namely Dior and Chanel and then settled on the red bottom shoes for women.
All red soled footwear is now associated with Louboutin because he has made a brand. His creativity in design has seen him gain accolades from women all over the world. Most wearers can attest to the fact that this famous shoes add to their sex appeal and femininity. They also go well with almost any dress whether casual or formal.
The red bottomed shoe is obtainable in different styles and textures to suit the buyers taste. Before buying the shoes it is vital that a person considers where they will be wearing them to. This makes their purchase useful in more occasions and ensures that the heels are utilized maximally instead of wearing them once in a year for one occasion.

Other Designers Who Make Red Bottom Shoes

who makes red bottoms 2Due to recent court win by Christian Louboutin red sole shoes are protected by trademark against other designers.  He has the trademark to all red sole shoes with black or other color shoes.  However, other shoe designers can design red shoes with red soles.

Shoe Availability

Because of the trademark design on these red bottom shoes, they are very pricey and are found in high end shoe stores which makes it hard to find a cheap pair of red bottoms.  If you happen to come across a cheap pair you should be wary because they may just be a knock off.

The surest way of finding an original Louboutin, is to find them online at one of the many reputable high end shoe stores or directly from Louboutin online store.